Solar water pumps

Specialising in “Mains Free” solar water pumps, allowing customers to beat the high installation and electricity cost and add water to otherwise dry areas.


A great cost-effective option that gives all rivals (mains, diesel, hydro etc.) a run for their money. Majority of our systems being plug ‘n’ play makes your life easier in every way.

Our pumps can match any size, head and liters per second. Our team has been trained to provide the best option for any needs, with a little information we have the technology and experience to further help you make the best choice.

The picture below is an example of one of the great tools we use. This graph shows the solar energy of an exact address including major obstructions that hinder solar energy in specific areas like mountainous ranges.

Example shown is 111 Tramway Rd, Kirwee

Solar Energy graph

We then corollate this with additional technology, eperience and with your provided information to establish your exact daily water requirements allowing Frizzell
to maximize delivery and reduce unnecessary costs.

All systems have been scrutinized to carry the latest up to date technology that is designed to run the system to optimum performance for all/every type
of weather condition by using variable frequency inverters.

24150 Pump
750W Non Submersible Pump and Controller
Centrifugal Submersible Pump