Solar Irrigation

No more big corporation’s dictating costs to you. Solar Power is a great long term solution to your irrigation needs, it is a cost effective way to utilise the natural resources available to us. Unlike diminishing fuel stocks and ever increasing costs of mains electricity, the suns energy is there to be used at your disposal with little to no effect on the environment and its future.

How Do We Know What’s Right For You?

We custom design our systems to your unique situation

Using a combination of the latest technology and years of experience to work out the  accurate facts and figures for your needs. We have the ability to view your addresses solar energy performance through out the year allowing the team to analyse key information to build the best system for you.

Solar Energy Performance, Size of irrigation   system, rotations required, running time, voltage drops, water requirements, water resistance, landscape topography are a few of the  mechanisms we analyse to  ascertain the best system for your requirements. There is no guessing in our analysis, Frizzell use facts! Each system is custom built to match each individual Irrigation system .

Solar Energy graph

Unlimited Size, Unlimited Power .

Solar is a cost effective solution to mains and fuel driven irrigation.

How It Works

There are 2 ways Solar can be used on irrigation

Off Grid

Depending on the size of the array needed the solar panels can be mounted to the top of the pivot or on frames nearby at a scientifically tested position to impede any wind friction and best utilise the suns rays. The panels then feed solar power down into the inverter which turns the DC current from the solar into a usable AC current to drive the pivot motors. Solar will drive the pivot during the day with excess power being utilised to feed the battery bank that drives the pivot through the night.

Grid Tied

Tying a solar panel array into the mains supply helping alleviate the cost of existing mains run Irrigation systems. The Solar array is set up to feed back into the mains grid to offset the energy used by the irrigator and/or pump. But the best part of this system is that it not only helps with those hefty bills come irrigation season it continues to feed back into the grid all year round essentially building a credit to further help when it comes time to start up again.

Economics Of Installing Solar

Solar is the only irrigation energy source that gives back!

The payback period for a solar irrigation system can range between 3-10 years depending on how efficiently you manage the system. Once payback has been achieved, all the money you save on running costs per year is yours to put to use where it can be better utilized on your block. The economics of Agricultural solar installations is significantly different from residential solar installations.

What makes us qualified?

Tested & proven in New Zealand for over a decade.

Frizzell Agricultural Solar has been in the Solar Agricultural Electronics field for over 15 years, Our Technical team are continuously striving to give our customers the latest top quality solar products. We take pride in offering the best systems suited to your needs followed up by great customer care.  New Zealand designed, built and tested.

Frizzell is the largest specialist supplier of Agricultural Solar in the country

Example: Grid Tied Irrigator and Large Pump system

(results vary for each custom system, our technical team can give accurate payback figures for your system at the time of quote)


Annual Mains cost


Annual Solar Savings

5 years

Payback period

This system cost approximately $150,000, using the money saved per year to initially pay off the system, this system would be paid off within 5 years leaving the farmer an additional $35,000 per year to spend elsewhere. This example does not take into account inflation of mains cost in future years