The Frizzell Soil Moisture and Temperature Datalogger (Frizzell SMTD) is a solar powered precision instrument designed to provide accurate soil moisture and temperature readings.

The Frizzell SMTD is particularly suited to logging and monitoring the measurement of soil moisture for pastoral farming, cropping and sporting facilities.  It has been designed to be easy to install, be maintenance free, and cost effective to operate.

Soil Moisture Probe

Key features:

The Frizzell SMTD is a reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way of logging and monitoring soil moisture and temperature levels.

At a glance, see your current soil moisture and temperature readings  Or, download historic data for compliance records.

  • Easy to install – Simply mount the solar panel and display unit on a fence post.  Dig the soil sensor into the soil and you are good to go.
  • Offers a practical solution for a wide range of applications – Being solar powered it is ideal for remote locations – works anywhere.
  • Increases yields – Yields can be increased through soil moisture monitoring.  Plant stress is reduced and fertiliser use is more effective when over watering is decreased.
  • Reduce costs – Many studies have shown that water usage can be reduced by 10% or more, if soil moisture monitoring and prediction system are used.
  • Cost effective – No third-party telemetry or logging and monitoring fees.