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Irrigation Development in Central Otago

Frizzell Ltd and Powerdeals4u did a combined trip through Otago to assist farmers to install affordable irrigation systems in rural areas and reduces the cost increases farmers are facing in the future environment.

2021 Innovation Award Winner at South Island Field Days

The Frizzell Team are really proud to have won the innovation award at the South Island Agricultural Field Days for our new Smart Paddock Weigher.

We would like to thank the team at the South Island Agricultural Field days for putting on a great event.

* Automatically Weighs and Records Individual Animal Results

* Sends Weights to you in real time

* Mobile and versatile. Solar Powered

* Make informed decisions for increased profitability

* Designed for remote areas. Does not need cell coverage.

* Alarms can be set for minimum water or water leakage.

* Transmits tank water level every 15 minutes.

* Accessed from computer or cell phone.

Rural Delivery, what a great episode about a large solar pump system and solar irrigation! A very proud team at Frizzell Ltd after seeing our gear shown to NZ on Rural Delivery, Frizzell would like to thank the team at Rural Delivery, Gareth Cox and Ben Ensor for the great footage of their systems and Nick Frizzell for over coming his camera shyness to represent the company. If you missed the episode you can watch on YouTube . If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. or phone us on 03 3181333.

Batch Weigher

Our Latest Product to Market – the Batch Weigher is an easy to use Semi-automated Batch Weighing System.

Frizzell LTD is a passionate innovative family run business. Leading in Solar Irrigation and Agricultural Electronics fields. For over 15 years Alastair and Nick Frizzell have designed and developed a huge range of products to meet industry needs. Starting from the largest Agricultural/Horticultural needs through to your backyard, we have something for every customer to help simplify their day.

Alastair grew up and still owns the family farm, add on his Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Lincoln University, allows him the insight to understand customers requirements. Nick having been raised on the farm with a passion for solar and creating the most efficient products makes these two a great team.


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