Frizzell Fast Pack Portable Weighbridges

General Construction: We produce two types of portable weighbridges. One for truck weighing and one for tractor and wagon weighing.

The bridges consist of two platforms. Each platform on the smaller bridge is is 2.5 metre long by 2.9 metre wide sections and the larger bridge is 3.6 long by 2.9 wide sections. Each section has its own ramps attached and hinged for easy packing.

The easiest portable bridge to packup, layout and transport.

Laying out the bridge is simple. The rear section is lowered off the transport unit and unclipped from the winches. The front section is then positioned in front to accommodate the required wheel base, disconnected from the transport trailer and lowered to the ground. Ramps are folded down and the two units connected.*

To pack up the drawbar is raised with the attached jack. The bogy wheels are folded down and locked and the ramps folded up. The front unit is backed over the back unit, which is winched up and attached to the bogy frame.

The smaller unit is less than two tonnes and 2.5 meters wide and can be towed with a 4 wheel drive light vehicle. The larger unit is just under three tonnes and at just under 3.1m wide, doesn’t need a pilot vehicle on most roads as it is classed as an agricultural appliance.

Both layout and packup can be achieved by one person in less than 15 minutes.

Because o fthe construction, each bridge has a very low profile of only 150mm from ground to deck height. The distance between the two platforms can be adjusted for varying truck wheelbases or tractor and wagon length.

Weighbridge General Specification:

Length: Two platforms @ 2.45 metres X 2.9 metres or 3.6m X 3.1m. Deck Height Above ground: 150mm

Gross vehicle Weight: 30 tonnes maximum for the smaller unit and 35 tonnes for the larger unit.

Certification: Class IV, 100 kg resolution for the smaller or 50kg resolution for the larger. Load Cells; Both unit have 8 X 10 tonne loadcells.

Indicator: Rinstrum  Truck indicator or equivalent..

General: The output from the indicator can be attached to a weight docket printer or to a computer and supplied software. A large display can also be added.

*Transport trailer units are available on request, portable weighbridge platforms can be used without the transport trailer as lifting lugs on platforms can be used to load and unload.

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Construction, agriculture or horticulture, we have a weighbridge that suits!

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