* Automatically Weighs and Records Individual Animal Results

* Sends Weights to you in real time

* Mobile and versatile. Solar Powered

* Make informed decisions for increased profitability

Frizzell has combined its experience in agricultural weighing and solar power to produce this standalone in-paddock animal weigher.  Tow this to where your stock are and then work on other things while the animal weights you require to make good stock and pasture management decisions come back to you automatically.  You’ll see individual animal weights online, saving you time and reducing stress on stock.

  • Automatically weighs and records each individual animal’s weight
    • Sends this information to you in real time
  • Food portion dispensed with ear tag reader to encourage animals onto scales
  • Solar powered
  • Data stored and transmitted on cell network
  • Towable and tough

By collecting accurate animal weights the Frizzell Smart Paddock Weigher saves you time and allows for better animal and pasture management = profit.

Contact us to understand how the SP Weigher can work for you.

2021 Innovation Award Winner at South Island Field Days

The Frizzell Team are really proud to have won the innovation award at the South Island Agricultural Field Days for our new Smart Paddock Weigher.